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Learn how to build this site from start to finish!
Beginner - Intermediate | 3hrs 20m

Learn how to build V/One’s marketing site in Webflow.

Follow along step-by-step as we rebuild v.one's marketing site in Webflow. We'll build each section, make it responsive & add some fancy interactions.
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Ben Tossell, Founder of MakerPad Flowmingo Testimonial
Anyone learning about Webflow should *absolutely* sign up for Flowmingo. Mackenzie is next level.
Ben Tossell, founder of MakerPad
Beginner - Intermediate

Learn how to build a No Code curation site.

We’ll build the site in Webflow, then add Jetboost, Memberstack, Airtable & Zapier so members can login, submit, search, filter & save bookmarks.
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Mackenzie is a fantastic teacher. He breaks things down really clearly to help you understand not only how to build something in Webflow, but why it’s the best way to build it. He teaches best-practices that will give you a solid Webflow foundation to build any type of website, and his fun mini projects will let you put your new skills into action and make them stick.
Charli Marie Prangley, Marketing Design Lead at ConvertKit
Charli Marie Prangley Flowmingo Testimonial

Mini projects

Don't have time for a full course? Practice building with our mini projects focused on layout & structure.
Chris Spags, Founder of Jetboost Flowmingo Testimonial
I love Mackenzie’s hands-on teaching style where you learn by creating real projects! Flowmingo is fantastic for anyone looking to level up both their Webflow and design skills.
Chris Spags, founder of Jetboost

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Mackenzie’s versatile talent and design skills are only matched by his ability to share them with others. You can recognize the love and attention to detail he puts in every project from a mile away and his meticulously crafted lessons are designed to level you up regardless of what level you are at. Flowingo will give you the knowledge, confidence, and experience you need to create your next Webflow project in your sleep.
Sarkis Buniatyan, Webflow magician
Sarkis Buniatyan, Webflow magician

Webflow Templates

Jumpstart your projects by starting from a template.
A Webflow Template made for your links.
A Webflow CMS Template Made For Your Videos
A Retro Themed Webflow CMS Template