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Mackenzie taught so many things I didn't know in Webflow development and really helped bridge the learning gap I had. Flowmingo is an excellent platform for those who are looking to take their Webflow skills to the next level!
Lacey Kesler, founder of Women in No-Code & co-host of Visual Dev FM
Lacey Kesler, Founder of Winc Flowmingo Testimonial
Devon Ko, founder of 3D for Designers
I’m having so much fun learning with Mackenzie! If you’re ready to create your first project with Webflow, you have to take this course. It was everything I needed to bring my ideas to life.
Devon Ko, founder of 3D for Designers

What software do I need?

Well, you'll need a Webflow account obviously.

If you don't have one, you can sign up for free here.

Occasionally we'll build using third party No Code tools like Jetboost, Memberstack, Zapier, & Airtable. In which case, you'll need an account for those apps to follow along.

What type of courses are available? 

The first course, Rebuilding The V.One Marketing Site in Webflow is live!

Coming up next:

  • How to build a curation site with No Code curation site.
  • Webflow 101: A deep dive.
  • Mastering Layouts in Webflow.

If you'd like to see any specific type of Webflow build, please send me an email at and let me know.

How long do I get access?

When you join you'll get access to all current & future courses & projects, for life.

Can I get a preview? 

Definitely! You can view the first two lessons of the course, or watch a mini project screencast for free to get a feel for my teaching style.

What if I'm new to Webflow.

Flowmingo is made for beginner to intermediate level Webflow users, though it does lean towards intermediate.

So having some basic knowledge of Webflow will definitely help you follow along.

A Webflow 101 course is in the works, but in the meantime, the Webflow University is a great place to begin to learn the basics.

And of course if you get stuck, I'm here to help.

Who's behind Flowmingo?

My name is Mackenzie Child. I'm a designer, illustrator & Webflow(er?).

I've been a Webflow enthusiast for years and Flowmingo is my way of helping others learn the power & flexibility that Webflow has to offer.

Here are some examples of sites I've built using:

  • V/One - A marketing site for the No Code app builder, V/One.
  • Happy Hues - A color palette site using the Webflow CMS.
  • Colorables - free printable coloring pages.
  • Mackenzie Child - my personal website.
  • Telly - a Webflow template made for video.
  • Mac - a retro blog & portfolio template.

And of course, itself was built using Webflow :)

Still have questions?

No problem! Feel free to send any questions to

Thanks for creating Flowmingo - it worked, I am slowly learning a tonne of Webflow tips and tricks and that has given me the confidence to continue on my journey of becoming a Webflow expert. Your teaching style is unique and so much hard work and passion put in to create this masterpiece. Well done Mr. Mackenzie 💪
John Iseghohi, product designer at
John Iseghohi, product designer at